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I'm an artist not a writer!!!

Art is the most bizarre fucking thing because no one is asking you to make it. I don't paint one night?? No one knows!! I spend 54 hours on a painting, feel like I poured my heart and soul into a stretch of fabric and my life depends on sharing it with the world... for 3 likes on Instagram. Which in the end doesn't matter a lick because hanging a finished painting in front of the grass where a billion lil bugs will be its viewers for an hour is also showing it to the world. Making art for the sake of it is showing it to the world!!! Wish I didn't need validation for my art but definetelyyy fuckin crave that shit.

Buuuut at 4am on a Tuesday before work I'm still painting and it's not for the internet or da buggies, I honestly don't fully know what it is, but it's something emphatically spiritual. It's the singular time period that a billion thoughts aren't pummeling my brain and self-doubt doesn't exist on the same planet. Sooooo rare bro. Gotta paint. Gottttaaaa do itttt. So that's why I do ya ya

My artist statement

I also make it to capture moments of feeling alive. Particularly the feeling of being at a concert when there's a guitar solo or yur dancin and can't feel ya body move the rythm just took control n raaaaannn and flailed ya limbs. Dancing my art is about dancing for suuuurrrreeeeeeee. 85% about dancing 10% about escaping my mind 5% about the voice in my head telling me if I don't make art I won't live!!!!

I make art in an attempt to bottle up moments of euphoria in a stagnant object that I can look into and dream dream dream.

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